about me

I am a seasoned Product and Technology Leader with the last 5 years of my career focused on building digital/virtual banks. This time has been spent building teams, working with and challenging regulators on the implementation of Digital and Cloud Native banking solutions to deliver disproportionate value to our customers.

I am currently the Head of Delivery and Business Effectiveness for Mox Bank in Hong Kong, one of the 8 new virtual banks launching in the region in 2020. Having previously led the Product and Design teams of TymeBank (previously owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia), the first fully digital bank in South Africa.

My primary accountability and responsibility is to deliver the bank in Hong Kong leading our delivery teams to create and run a secure, reliable and sustainable bank. Other areas of focus and responsibility include:

  • Owner of for the Mox Technology Budget
  • Chair of the Mox IT Investment Committee (LPM)
  • Definition, management and improvement of the Mox operating model
  • Owner of the Mox Way of Work (driving agile and transformation throughout the business)
  • Owner of our Change Management processes and performance
  • Owner of business effectiveness and process improvement
  • Responsible for Technology Resourcing Strategy and Implementation across Mox

Other noteworthy pieces work:

  • Defining and developing the TymeBank SME Product Proposition
  • Launching TymeBank in 2019 – it currently has over 1.5m customers (as of April 2020)
  • Launching the TymeBank Internet Banking platform
  • Launching the TymeBank website
  • Delivering several key Digitisation journeys to Standard Bank’s Africa region as part of its overall digital transformation programme
  • Launching the first Non-Face to Face Digital Account onboarding process to Absa / Barclays in South Africa
  • Launching the first all in-one Digital account onboarding process for Transaction, Overdraft and Credit Card accounts for Absa / Barclays in South Africa
  • Piloting the first implementation of Fingerprint Biometrics on ATMs for Absa / Barclays in South Africa